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1. Why add a Download button?

Adding a Download button to your listing offers a number of advantages:

• Sponsors can have direct access to your brochure or information sheets immediately.

• Your own literature will provide much more information than can be shown in the listing.

• There will be savings on postage, packing and perhaps even printing costs.

2. What is it?

A Download button is an optional, paid-for addition to a Free or Gold listing in our sponsorship opportunities databases. The cost of a Platinum listing includes one download button (for a document up to 10 A4 pages*, mono and/or full colour) as an optional free addition. You can add as many download buttons as you wish to your listing - we will label each one clearly to indicate what document it links to.

When visitors click a download button, the brochure or information sheets appear on their screens as a pdf (Portable Document Format) document and may be saved to their hard disk.

Here's an example - click the button to download a sample document.

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Contact: J. Bloggs, Director    
Address: 1841 Explorer Boulevard, Hackingsville, Netland
Telephone: 01234-567890      Fax: 01234-567891
E-mail: jbloggs@logoltd.cam     Website: www.sponsorscape.com

Download more info.!   Click button to download more information (pdf format)

3. How to order

A. Just email the brochure or info. sheets (up to 10 pages) with your instructions to info@uksponsorship.com or send the document by post to our UK offices:

uksponsorship.com Ltd.
Huntingdon Business Centre
Blackstone Road
PE29 6EF

B. If you have already ordered a Platinum listing, we will simply add the download button to your listing and link it to the necessary documentation for no extra charge.

C. If you have already ordered a Gold listing, we will add the download button to your listing, link it to the necessary documentation and send you an invoice by email for a small additional charge as shown in the pages which provide our package cost details, payable by credit card via PayPal.

D. The download button will remain on the site until it is clearly out of date and/or we receive instructions from you to remove it.

4. Cost

Included as an optional extra in the cost of a Platinum listing.

Gold listings: the small additional charges are shown in the pages which provide our package cost details (downloadable documents may be up to 10 A4 pages*, mono and/or full colour).

5. What to send us

You can send us your brochure or info. sheets (up to 10 pages*) either in the post in hard copy form or by email (to info@uksponsorship.com) as a pdf or in Word format. If it is not already in the form of a pdf, we will scan it to produce the downloadable document. We are also able to use documents in certain other formats (eg Publisher) - please contact us to check details.


* Please contact us for a quote for larger documents.


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