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Finding sponsorship for your studies

Please understand that this website is concerned with commercial sponsorship, not financial support for individuals. We do not supply sponsorship funds. Organisations and individuals who are listed on our website are seeking sponsorship.

However, although we are not unable to assist you directly with finding sponsorship support for your education, we may be able to help you with some useful links (please see below).

If you live outside the UK and intend to study in the UK and are seeking sponsorship, the following link to the British Council website may be useful:


This next link will take you to the UK's Department for International Development - the page provides information about Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships and also about the International Citizenship Service:


If you live in Kenya, you could try contacting the Kenya Education Fund:


If you are resident in Uganda, you could try contacting Kulika:


If you live in South Africa, you could try contacting the Student Sponsorship Programme:


You may find other 'useful links' on this UK website:

Education Sponsorship.

There are other 'useful links' and advice on this page of our UK website:

The UK Education Sponsorship Database - home page.

We regret that we are unable to answer any further questions about education sponsorship - we wish you all the best.