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18th October, 2013

Career Council to introduce sponsorship opportunities at college fairs

Career Council, Inc., a leading organizer of college fairs, has announced that it has selected Windward Catalyst to develop a sponsorship program allowing retailers, service providers and public agencies to more effectively reach attendees at its career and college fair events.

The company, which includes subsidiaries National Hispanic College Fairs and Catholic High School College Fairs, also announced a new partnership with the New York City Department of Education and an expanded schedule of events for student athletes in 2014.

On a conference call with Career Council's regional representatives, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Gregg Ficarra said: "Sponsorships will be a great addition to future college fairs. They will be an effective promotional tool for companies seeking to increase their exposure to the inbound college market".

He added: "This is an exceptional opportunity for students to learn about organizations that will be an important part of their future, and for sponsors to establish brand equity with parents and students at a milestone moment in both of their lives".

Eugene J. Berardi, Managing Partner of Windward Catalyst, said: "Annual spending by the transitional college market has nearly doubled in the last four years. Our collaboration with Career Council will give sponsors unparalleled access to that market, and the ability to coordinate logistics with a company that understands the importance of optimizing every aspect of their college fair presence".

In February, Career Council and NYC DOE will collaborate on a College Fair Conference for high school counselors and college advisors. This two-day event is expected to attract upwards of 800 professionals representing over 400 high schools in the New York City area. Career Council has also expanded its 2014 schedule of fairs providing high school athletes, their parents and guidance counselors with increased access to college and university recruiters.

Mr. Ficarra said: "These announcements represent a significant achievement for our company and the communities we serve. The partnership with NYC DOE will further enhance the experience of the more than 150,000 students and academic professionals we expect to attend our events across the country this year".

Information about Career Council's fair events and sponsorship opportunities can be found on their website, www.collegefair.info.





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